4 Day Fast Track Professional Tiling Course

4 Day Fast Track Professional Tiling Course

Course Cost: £499 Inc VAT
Course Duration: 4 Day
Telephone 0333 335 0604 / Mobile 07960 286 957

There are 3 parts to this 1 day course

4 Day Fast Track Pro Tiling Course

Looking to change career and know everything about tiling then your journey starts here with this fantastic course, learn all the tricks of the trade, we will also give you all the crucial information you need to setup your own tiling business and go self-employed soon as you’ve finished the course. Travelling from a distance and need accommodation, don’t worry, we can take care of everything for you as we have our own private accommodation so you can concentrate on your training, all you need to do is just turn up.

To the point training

Our 4-day professional tiling course may be short, but certainly delivers the goods. The course will give you a full understanding of all the topics in the course content tab above. Youll learn why installations work and why they dont. This 4-day course has run for over 14 years by Darren the tutor and is perfectly structured to give you maximum learning in the shortest possible time, keeping your costs down.

At UK Pro Tiling Training, we dont waste time, and you will be straight into practical work from day one of the course. Although you may need to make a special journey in order to complete the course, you will see for yourself why our courses are worth travelling for. We have hundreds of 5-star positive feedback across various independent review platforms on the web.

By the end of the very first day you will know how to measure a job and apply tiles correctly and know what material products to use. Youll also learn how to use manual and electric cutters to shape tiles perfectly around any obstacle, such as toilets, wash basins and pipes etc.

Value for money

IMG_2279 Although some training centres may quote cheaper prices for their courses than UK Pro Tiling Training, they are at a DIY level and often stretch the training out over a long period of time drip feeding you information. This means that you have to keep going back for up to 6 weeks to get where you need to be, resulting in a far greater overall cost and a substantial loss of time.

Compare our 1 and 2-week course details and student pictures on the next page, with any other training centre in the country, and see the difference in what we deliver and why we are the best and ONLY dedicated pro tiling centre in the UK.

Tiling Tutor

Darren is the owner of UK Pro Tiling Training and is also the instructor of the tiling courses. He has over 30 years experience running a successful business which he passes on so you can do the same.

Our teaching methods are very clear and easy to follow. Ultimately, we are here to help you succeed. Whats more, no prior tiling experience is required.

Our tiling courses run every week throughout the year, so whenever you are ready, so are we.

Easy to follow programs

IMG_5306We have made our fast track tiling courses very straight forward and easy to follow, so there is no need to worry about anything. All the demonstrations are fully explained and broken down into bite size chunks. This means it is easy for you to take in how things are done in a professional manner. All the necessary equipment is provided for you to complete all of our tiling courses.

Back up material

The 4-day tiling course is a full- on, practical wall and floor tiling course that comes with a 10,000 word detailed manual that you can take away with you for reference. This manual is written by and unique to UK Pro Tiling Training and will cover all the situations you may find yourself in. Whats more, all the topics are written in headed chapters for ease of reference.

Overall, our courses are very in-depth and taught to the highest levels. If you compare pictures and content from other training providers you will see how advanced our short courses are, ultimately, we save you time and money to get the job done.

After care

During our tiling courses you will be working in your own bay to produce all the practical aspects of the trade, the picture above is what you will complete on our 4-day course along with floors, setting out etc.

Don’t forget you have our 15000 word back up hand out material also you can choose our optional Elite After Care Package where you have unlimited access to UK Pro Tiling Trainings aftercare service when you have finished your course should you need any further advice on any future job your not sure about or need some reassurance plus a host of additional benefits. What other training centre offers this.

Gain an NVQ L2 Tiling Qualification

IMG_5447Our fast track tiling courses are designed specifically so you can go straight out and work as a self employed tiler once you have completed our course in the domestic market with our course tiling certificates.

If you require an official NVQ L2 Tiling qualification after completing any of our courses to go onto a building site and commercial work, all you need to do is contact a local NVQ assessor in your area once you have completed the course and they can go through the requirements, pay their fees who will then visit you on site and guide you through the NVQ assessment, this will then will allow you to trade and work on all building sites.

Please ask Tracey for details for full criteria.

The 4 Day Fast Track Tiling Training Course.

Take a look at what you will cover on this course, we don’t mess about


  • Overview of the workshop and training
  • Reasons for skilled labour shortage and why pay is high
  • Tools you will be using throughout the week
  • Tools needed to start a career in tiling and where to buy them
  • Selling your services to the customer
  • Health and Safety in domestic and workshop environments
  • Environmental issues
  • Public liability insurance
  • Info on obtaining CSCS cards
  • How to use hand cutters
  • How to use machine cutters
  • Up to date with the latest laser levels
  • Lots of practical time for hands on cutting of shapes out of tile
  • Best ways to find work, most profitable jobs
  • Total understanding of different adhesives
  • All Backgrounds and how to prepare them
  • Importance of setting out the job
  • Setting out (know where every cut tile will be before you even start)
  • Tiling your own bathroom baysIMG_5296
  • IMG_5296

  • Dealing with toilets and washbasins
  • Inserting various borders
  • Uneven walls
  • Uneven floors
  • Creating centre pieces and geometric designs
  • Troweling, tile fixing and correct spacing
  • How to use manual and electric cutters
  • Kitchen tiling, (sockets), diamond patterns
  • Radiators
  • Door finishes
  • 20170411

  • Grouting bays to finish 20170411_101939
  • Different grout talk
  • Silicones
  • Different tiles porcelain/ceramic/mosaic
  • Customer service (very important)
  • Pricing jobs in detail
  • Customer quotation sheets
  • Suppliers, Tile shop trade accounts
  • How to exactly measure up a job
  • Certificate presentation
  • Safety Clothing

Price £499

Telephone 0333 335 0604 / Mobile 07960 286 957
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Domestic Work

Go straight out and trade for a living with our certificates.

You will receive quality Pro Tiling certification and credentials which can be used when branching out into domestic tiling work / setting up your own tiling business. Our certification is details competence in all the units you have completed on the course.


Building Site Work

If you require an official NVQ after completing any of our courses to go onto a building site and work, we can put you in touch with the colleges for you to be assessed for a tiling NVQ L2 qualification, they will go through the requirements and assessment process and fees associated with this qualification.

Please ask Tracey for details

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What’s Involved

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a full list of frequently asked questions, Click here tiling course FAQs to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

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