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If you’re thinking about a new career in tiling, then you may be looking to invest in some professional tools after of even before your tiling courses. UK Pro Tiling Training offers a range of pro quality tiling tools for sale, everything you could need to get your professional career underway.


Professional Tiling Tools

The items we stock are the same tools as you’ll be completing your course with, so you’ll be familiar with the quality and feel of them.

Rest assured, you’ll find the right tools for the job, every time. We have a huge assortment of professional tiling tools available for you to order, from heavyweight electric cutters down to everyday essentials such as sponges, buckets, spacers and kneepads.

At UK Pro Tiling, we appreciate the importance of attaining a first-class finish when youre working in a professional capacity. Well help you achieve outstanding results by supplying you with the right equipment. Customer satisfaction is at the core of what we do, and we only stock the most trustworthy brands in the business, such as RUBI, TILE RITE, SIGMA and more.

How Much Should You Pay for Tiling Tools & Equipment?


Tools come in an array of prices, from cheap and nasty which fall apart, to very expensive. When youre starting out, its tempting to buy the cheapest tools, but this can be false economy as they can break and let you down when you need them.

Top of the range professional tools can serve you well for many years, but may be too expensive from retail outlets which is why we offer these top-quality professional tools to you at trade prices on the course.

Tool Packs

We have 3 tool packs on offer at £449, £549 and £649

Here is our top pro tiling pack, everything you need to start a professional career in tiling. Interest free finance option available . Ready to take away after your course

Manual tile cutters. A good manual tile cutter is a prerequisite in the tiling business. Lightweight, easy to use and versatile, these tools make even the most demanding job an absolute breeze.

Click HERE for a video demo on our tile cutters

Mixers. A mortar mixer is ideally suited for mixing resins, cement, adhesives, pains and other materials.

Buckets. Robust and versatile,buckets are a must-have tiling tool for mixing and transporting mortar. Rubber buckets are especially good, as they’re easier to clean than hard, plastic ones.

Tile trowels. If you want a polished, professional finish, a tile trowel is incredibly important, so you get proper coverage every time.

Grout floats. Grout fills the spaces between the tiles, securing them together. Grout floats are made of a durable, yet flexible rubber pad connected to a C-shape handle.

Tile levelling systems. These pro tiling tools help prevent tile slippage, guaranteeing fast levelling.

Tile spacers. These essential items enhance the installation process considerably, ensuring tiles are set at the perfect distance from each other.

Kneepads. These tools protect knees from all the squatting and lifting you do in your job, making work more comfortable and safe.

Claiming Back Tax. Don’t forget, if you’re running a wall and floor tiling business then the tools that you’ll need to buy can be tax deductible. All you need to do is make sure you keep your receipts of purchase and present them to your accountant.

Safety Clothing. You can find an array of safety clothing, PPE and Safety Footwear by following the links.